The Story Behind the Heart of PINS FITCAMPS

I wanted to share some details about the ministry the Lord has given me. He put on my heart in my early 20’s to have a Christian fitness camp in Florida… but I was young and afraid of failure; or how big the vision was that He gave me. So, i put it on the back burner.

At the beginning of 2014 I was bold. I opened up a sign up for my first Christian FITCAMP, Labor day weekend 2014. I had 10 women signed up with deposits (my heart is to keep these small and personal. 6-15 people per camp). These deposits were made in Jan of 14′ and in July every single person canceled except for one.¬† I told Todd… “Babe, we are gonna have to cancel this camp, I can’t have a camp with 1 person”.¬† I reached out the “one” lady that hadn’t canceled, (who by the way was strapped financially so she was mailing me $20 a week for months to pay for her camp). When I told her I was canceling the camp she said to me, “Kristy. no. we can’t cancel this. I don’t think you understand, I have 7 children. I NEED THIS.” So, we prayed for 3 weeks and God filled it back up completely.

That’s where it started. I expected the girls to have a great time, learn a few things and then we would maybe do it again in 2015. But the response was amazing. I had people saying, “you can’t wait a year to do another one… when is the next camp? Will you have one before Christmas?” Tears poured down cheeks during these camps, walls came down, and women learned they could trust women. Whatever element of health people were missing; we shed light on how to hit the ground running to be fit and healthy in all 4 areas of COMPLETE FITNESS.

Soon after that, Fox 13 news reached out to us and asked us to do a 5 minute segment on the local news about fitness. I thought it was general questions so we sent Todd since I had to work. As I watched it, the only thing she asked him about was our PINS FITCAMPS. God then reminded me, that my assistant and I had reached out months ago to every news station and no response; but out of the blue… they came to us. God told me that day watching Todd on t.v. “Kristy, this isn’t about you or Todd, or even fitness… this is about ME and MY MINISTRY through you”. That has brought us to adding more PINS FITCAMPS.


DESTIN, FL: 2017 “The Cross in the Fire” PINS FITCAMP


DESTIN, FL: Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2016 “I AM” PINS FITCAMP ORANGE BEACH, AL: March 2016 “Don’t Waste It” PINS FITCAMP ST. LOUIS, MO: Nov 2015 “Light in the Dark” PINS FITCAMP DESTIN, FLORIDA: Sept 4-7, 2015 “Walkin’ on Water” PINS FITCAMP GATLINBURG, TN: Jan 9-11, 2015 “White as Snow” PINS FITCAMP NASHVILLE, TN: April 10-12, 2015 “The invisible War” PINS FITCAMP HEBER SPRINGS, AR: Aug. 2015 “The Boss” PINS FITCAMP MEMPHIS, TN: DEC 5-7, 2014 “The Mirror on the Wall” PINS FITCAMP DESTIN, FLORIDA: Labor Day weekend 2014 “Your Body is the Temple” PINS FITCAMP

Contact us if you’re interested in attending one of our FITCAMPS.

PINS is an acronym for: Physical Fitness Internal fitness (preventive of disease) Nutritional fitness Spiritual fitness We believe that it takes all 4 of these components to be healthy and fit.

What every PINS FITCAMP has in common:

  • Each camp will have teachings/training on all 4 of these categories.
  • Each camp is a weekend of 1-3 days.
  • Each camp will have a destination location.
  • Each camp has 6-15 campers to keep it intimate and personal.
  • Each camp builds relationships with genuine people that last well after the camps end.
  • Each camp will have 2-4 workouts.
  • Each camp will have a nutritional teaching and internal fitness teaching.
  • Each camp will have a message from the scriptures of the Bible.
  • There will be a testimony based on the theme of the camp.
  • Each theme will drive the basis of the workouts / activities /teaching etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY this is God’s Ministry that I (Kristy) signed “yes Lord” on the check to whatever HE has. They are God breathed. No decision is made without conformation from the Holy Spirit.

  • Some camps will have all women.
  • Some will be coed.
  • There will eventually be a couples camp. college camp, kids camp etc.
  • Every camp will be different other than the basis of what I listed above. That means if you have done Destin, Florida in 2014, the 2017 Destin Camp will not be the same. So you can repeat the same camp coming home with a completely different experience.
  • There will be a speaker to bring The Word based on the message of the entire camp. That is usually based around the actual name of that particular camp.
  • 4 workouts throughout the weekend. 1 Friday, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday.

Due to the theme of this camp, there will be various styles of workouts to keep everything fresh and exciting.

  • There will be an informational and exciting topic for internal fitness each camp. (topic TBA)
  • A testimony from a camper that The Lord leads me to ask to share their story.
  • There will be a fun activity (that will be announced when I send out official itinerary).
  • A night of just plain fun!
  • Little surprises and goodies planned throughout the weekends as well.


$475 for the entire camp (not including food). $275 is your non-refundable deposit. $200 balance due 30 days prior to arrival.


Contact us if you’re interested in attending one of our FITCAMPS.

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